Four Of Pentacles

Four Of Pentacles

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Four Of Pentacles Tarot Card Print 

The Four of Coins in this position signifies a young person, naive and pampered, who has been left an estate. Think conscientiously about all those people whom your activities impact, including those whose work and effort went into building what you inherited and those whose welfare depends upon your right management.

What you have been given is abundant; still, it is not without limits. If you are prudent and responsible, the endowment will grow. However, if you are frivolous or foolish, your behavior could undermine both your inheritance and the well being of others who are connected to it.

In many decks, we see the image of a person who is stuck in his or her misunderstanding of how the material plane works. He's afraid to let go of his four measly coins, because he doesn't know he has to give in order to get. When looked at this way, this is the card of "poverty consciousness."

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