Hey, you are SOLD OUT, how do I get one of your pieces?

My website is constantly being restocked every month, however some items may be a limited edition item or pressing, so once it's gone it's sold out.

The best way to find out the time and date for the restock is to follow along on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. 

All item details are noted in the listing descriptions. Please read each of these carefully before purchase or during a shop preview. The pieces are sold on a first in first served basis to keep it fair for everyone. No HOLDS or special preferences are given to anyone.

Some items can be highly sort after, it is recommended to set an alarm for the designated time and be on the site as it goes live to avoid disappointment.

Do you take customs or commissions?

Yes I do take commissions. You can find the form in the about me drop down menu or in my links on my social media sites. I only hold up to ten spots at the moment.. Also If you do have a great idea please get in touch as it may be something already noted to create for the shop, or an idea that I would love to create.   

Can I add multiple items in my cart at once?

You sure can! It is recommended processing orders separately during the restock as some things can sell out before you can add an additional piece to your cart. When an item is in your cart it is NOT guaranteed as yours. You must finalise payment for it to be yours. This is based off the payment system on the website and cannot be changed.

What is the pricing like of your work?

Pricing varies on each piece. When you order through MikTangle you aren’t just getting a drawing or a painting. You are getting a unique, handmade, quality piece of art. The prices reflect the craftwomanship, skill, artistry and talent that goes into every piece. For commissions my rates start at $50 an hour.

What is the process?

Art Pieces can take up to a day to a month to make. The process of making your one of a kind piece starts from the planning stage, to drawing out the initial idea, shading and adding the 3D element, refining small details, adding the protection layering such as varnish or epoxy resin and all that good stuff. If the option is presented, the artworks are then put into the printing stage for smaller recreational items.  

As each item is handmade, imperfection is a part of their charm.

Care Instructions Although each and every piece can stand the test of time, they do need to be handled with care. They can be fragile and break under pressure. Some items will state care instructions in the description.

What will my order look like when it arrives in the post?

Here at MikTangle I am conscious of my footprint on the environment. Each of my pieces are delicately wrapped in recycled, reused or recyclable materials. I still try to make the appearance of my packaging look nice, but keep in mind, less is better, especially for the environment. Your item will often arrive in a compostable satchel or a cardboard box that can be recycled. 

Any other questions?

If your question has not been answered in the FAQ reach out to me by contacting me through the contact page.