About Me

My name is Mikaela Swan and I am an artist and musician from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Ever since I was young, I've always loved art. I even started drawing on my bedroom walls, documenting and expressing myself in all ways possible. Every expression I have made is the subsequent entrance to my soul. Either way, my life has always veered in one creative direction or another.

I use inspiration from philosophical teachings, zentangles and nature to create intricate and dreamlike creatures and spaces. I specialize in creating black and white images, and I invite viewers to explore my mysterious worlds one piece of art at a time.

Why Miktangle?

The name Miktangle came about when I was looking back on how I started this artist journey. Funny enough my drawings had started off with a few simple lunch time sessions drawing small zentangle tiles (as seen on my tile wall) believe it or not they were the very first pieces part of discovering my style as an artist. From there my art style developed from these meditative exercises. So when figuring out my name I thought why not join Miki (my nickname I get all the time) and tangle to create miktangle.